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Calvados barrels
50240 Saint Aubin de Terregatte  
Tel: +33 2 33 60 38 24

20 Km. from Mont Saint Michel, far away from the crowed and busy abbey, we found a secret garden!
The Auberge de Mirande is composed by a restaurant and a cider production site.
We first go to the Auberge, wanting get away from the typical touristic restaurants, and found a beautiful, friendly and tasty place!!!
You only can choose between 2 types of menus at 16 or 18 Euros each, with different starters, and one fixed main dish!
We chose the 18 Euros one, with homemade meat cake and countryside salad,…
The main dish was duck confit served with homemade mashed potatoes, grilled tomato and a simple and delicious zucchini and cheese gratin.
We decided to try to have cider with the meal, and it has been a big tip!!!!
Duck confit served at Auberge de Mirande
Duck Confit

We loved it!!!

Next to this lovely restaurant, we met Jacques Daunay, a passionate cider and Calvados producer!!!! We had the opportunity to spend some time with him and been explained the whole process of cider and Calvados making. It was really interesting, and I have to say that the cider was just great! You have a well balance of acid and sweet, a complex taste, refreshing and easy to drink!
if you have the opportunity, go and try it, it is really a good tip!


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