Domaine de Lintillac

Domaine de Lintillac
10, rue Saint Augustin

75002 Paris

Tel: +33 (0)1 40 20 96 27

Metro Bourse

We went for a dinner to this restaurant, and was quite dispappointed,... the website is really attractive and complete, and put me hungry!
We had some problem to get the table booked at 20h00,... it was a little bit to late,... on friday night!!!! but I'm already used to the dictature of the parisian restaurants, so I just did not pay too much attention!
The service was really nice, and they have a good bargain for value menu when you have 1 aperitif, 2 glasses of wine, starter, main dish, dessert and coffe included for 30 Euros!
The foie gras was the star starter,... but let me so so when I saw the thin slice of foie arriving on a white and empty plate,.... the taste was ok.
As second dish, I had parmentier de canard with celery.... and even if the taste ws ok, the texture was really weird,... to the point that I did not finish it,... all the ingredients mixed together as if it was a baby food,... next to me, they had a cassoulet, that tasted fine instead!

I was disappointed,... it is not that it was bad or whatever, but you are expecting more,... perhaps I'm too demanding,... but anyway, the company of my friend was the most important, and we had a really nice evening!


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