Fino Tío Pepe with Peñablanca Cheese

This is a classical and world known Fino, Tio Pepe, even though it is one of the best Fino you can find, and sure value.

This wine never disappoints you! Always, you have this dry freshness coming from the sea, its typical notes of nuts, the wood, and this explosive flavors and long final.

It reminds me the long hot nights in Sevilla getting refreshed by the Fino after dancing in the Feria de Abril!

The Peñablanca cheese, from sheep milk and coming from Valencia, shows a soft and concentrated texture. The mature process for 35 days gave him its strong taste, but the fat milk balanced it with texture. It reminds me a little bit the texture of Roquefort in France, without the blue, of course, but with the strong taste a sheep cheese can develop ripening.

The match was wonderful, the texture balancing the dry freshness of the Fino and the taste supporting the wine aromas.


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