Oloroso Argüeso with Sant Quiri

Once again, we come back to the bodega Argüeso, this time with the Oloroso. This wine is fascinating for me,… I can try it again and again, and still be surprised!

First, we are in front of an amber lighted color, instead of the golden yellow ones we had before. The aromas are nuts, with oxidized and wooden notes. It’s complex and really attractive. In the mouth, is just surprising because we do not expect this dryness when the nuts were inviting you to a sweet final. This is what I really love from this wine, this sweet and dry parallel.

Sant Quiri is raw sheep milk cheese elaborated in Catalonia, and matured for 105 days. The taste is powerful and intense, and the texture a little short crusty but still creamy.

The match was absolutely wonderful, and my favorite definitely!!!!


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