Oriental City Restaurant in Amsterdam

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 177-179 1012 EV Amsterdam, Netherlands +31 20 6268352 www.oriental-city.nl

My Japanese friend Misa went this weekend to visit me from Madrid. She’s one of the most food focused person I know! We are all the time talking about food and wine, trying new things, and so on!
She lives now in Europe for 5 years or something like that and she is always hungry!!!!
She found some information about where to go in Amsterdam for good food, and proposed us to go to a Dim Sum restaurant very well rated in some Japanese tourist information guide.

So we went there on the rainy Sunday and arrived at 14h15 and found queue in the entrance,… the restaurant is situated in busy and touristic street and look like to be always packed!
We didn’t wait so much indeed as we accepted to be place on a big table to share with more people! We didn’t mind, we were hungry and did not want to wait too much!
Misa was really expecting to come to this place as she couldn’t eat dim sum for a long time, and we let her choose her favorite ones!
We had 7 dishes selected, from very traditional to surprising dim sum!
We had:
- Lap Mee Loh Pak Koo: Fried square of rice flower and turnip with dried meat (nº14)
- Hai Won Ha Sieuw Mai: Steamed dumplings of minced pork ans shrimps (nº1)
- Cha Sieuw Cheung Fang: Steamed rice sheet rolls filled with roasted duck (nº52); you can choose any kind of filling you want, and we went for a roasted duck
- Si Tap Ngau Pak Yip: Ox stomach slivers in spicy black bean sauce (nº4); As strange as it can be, it was really delicious!!!! No disgusting taste at all, quite spicy and well cooked, I had been my discovery!
- Si Tjap Tsjing Fa Tjie: Steamed squid in black bean sauce (nº35)
- Tham Soi Sien Ha Kaw: Steamed rice flour dumplings stuffed with prawns and bamboo shoots (nº18); Misa’s favorite!
- Sieuw Koeng Paow: Steamed buns stuffed with minced meat and vegetables (nº46); It served with some vinegar flavoured with ginger thin slices and the small buns are lying in a small cup that you will find a clear and tasty broth biting it!

The dim sums were served with Chinese soy sauce and different kind of spicy pastes. We drank the whole meal the special Chinese jasmine tea!

We really had a flavorful experience and enjoyed it! The service was kind and discreet, and the price really attractive! We paid 15 Euros each, including 1 Tsing Tao beer,…

The worse,… to back to the rain after the meal!!!!! Thanks Misa for your search and your recommendations!!!!


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