Yesterday I went to the Eten & Drinken exhibition in Den Haag. It’s a new fair for the consumer, where you can find all king of fine food and wines and, try it and buy it. The fair was divided in 3 spaces: companies booths, restaurants, and workshops theaters.

The selection of product was wide with a high quality and the restaurant hall was really well settled, even if you couldn’t get the chance to try one of the beautiful dishes the restaurants prepared.

Instead, I got the chance to get into a very nice Sherry wine tasting with cheese matches. Up to this point, I have to thank Alicia Martinez, from the Spanish Trade Office to introduce me to all of this.

The wine tasting was held by Jeroen Bronkhorst, one of the sherry educator, you can find in the Netherlands, and the cheese were coming from OTRA B.V. and all prepared by Tapas Tapas, a wonderful and efficient girls duet!

But let’s go to the tasting!


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