Les Glorieuses de Bresse

I’m just back home for Christmas and all the family is already preparing everything for the next days,…
Yesterday, we went to a special exhibition in Bourg-en-Bresse.
My region is famous in the world for its chickens and poultry! Poulet de Bresse and Capon of Bresse are PDO products, some of the few PDO for poultry existing in Europe.
The animals are a special breed, easy to recognize thanks to their white color and red crest as well as the famous blue legs.
They are bred outside looking for the own feeding in the green fields which gives a special taste to the meat and a fatter chicken.

Here the king is the capon, a castrated cock, specially feed with corn that provides a really marbled and tasty meat. For Christmas, is a real luxury!

So at this time, all the producers of the region gathered together in a championship for the best poultry! This event takes place in 3 different cities at the beginning of December.
It’s a real tradition here, and it maybe looks like something antiques, but for me, it reminds me how it is important to respect the traditions and the know-how.
There is no so much products in Europe that are still prepared traditionally, and we forget little by little the taste of the good things,… it is a pity, because our ancients spent centuries to elaborate recipes of excellent food and wines, and now, we dedicate all our money and efforts to forget about them and prefer cheap and sweetened taste,…

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Stephi said…
I know it looks like an ancient tradition, and a little strange for us,... but we should think that is much more normal to see the whole poultries like this than only filets and wings cut in a small pack at the supermarket!!!!
Do you know how to cut a whole chicken???? it is not so difficult!!!!

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