Preparing New Year’s Eve 2009!!!!!

New year’s eve, is always a torture for me,…. I hate to do the same as thousands of people and stocked in a tiny place, paying too much for horrible couple of toasts and ersatz champagne!
In order to avoid that, my friends and I usually escaped the crowd for a comfortable home where every guest bring the best they cook or like! All the menu is made with specialties brought by everyone, and tasted with real and wonderful champagne!

For the aperitif, and the first glass of fined bubbles, I propose you a very easy and successful match: puff pastry sausages!
You just need to buy an already made puff pastry and Strasbourg sausages.
You open the pastry and roll the sausages in it. Then you just cut it in bites size. Do it again till you finish the pastry and sausages.

If the roll does not fit together, you just have to pass you wet finger on the side and press it a little bit. The water will stick the pastry.

Before to put it in the oven on a tray, you can brush your bites with some yolk to give a shiny finish. If you do not have brush, just use some kitchen paper you roll up and use as a paintbrush!
Put it in the oven for 15 minutes at 210ºC till the puff pastry gets gold! You can prepare it in advance and let it in a vacuumed closed box and just let it 5 minutes in the oven before service.

You will impress and let everybody conquered!

Then as a small a delicatessen starter, why don’t we do a fashion verrine!
Verrine, means in French small bowl or small glass. They are the most fashion starters we can find right now in France!
For this verrine for 4 persons, you need:
- 1,5 ripened avocado
- 1 lime juice
- 3 drops of Tabasco
- 50 grs. Of fennel
- 100 grs of smoked salmon loin
- 1 spoon of olive oil
- Salt and pepper

First we prepare a kind of avocado mousse! We smash with a fork the meat of the advocate, and add the oil, salt, pepper, Tabasco and lime.
We cut in very small dices the fennel and add the half of them to the advocate mixture. We reserved the rest.
We slice the salmon small dices and mix it with the fennel.

Then in small glasses, for this occasion, I choose Moroccan tea glasses (but shots or any small glasses are perfect!), and put first the advocate mousse. Then I top it with the fennel and salmon dices. For the decoration, I just put some fennel leaves on, but we can also think in half slice of lemon.
That’s it!

This is another version of verrine,… a glamorous guacamole!


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