Sole Birthday cake

Sole is one of my best friend in Madrid, and she’s born on the 3rd of December,… It’s winter, and christmas time, and so I imagined this cake for her, something sweet and warm, a mix of chocolate and chestnut cream, presented as a winter gift!

In order to realize it, you need for 20 small pieces:

- 200 grs. Of dark chocolate (55% cocoa is enough)
- 100 grs. Of wheat flour
- 120 grs. Of sugar
- 3 eggs + 4 yolks
- 1 teaspoon of baking powder
- 100 grs. Approx. of chestnut cream

For the meringue, you will need the 4 egg-whites and 160 grs of sugar.

1/ First, put the chocolate in pieces with the butter and let it melt slowly in a pot.

2/ In the meanwhile, mix very well the eggs and yolks with the sugar.

3/ Then, add the flour and baking powder. Mix.

4/ When the chocolate and butter are totally melted and well blended, add it to the eggs mixture and mix all together.

5/ In a large baking pan, put some butter inside, and then the mixture and let in the oven around 15 minutes at 170ºC.

6/ Prepare the meringue. Put half of the sugar with the egg-whites and start whisking till it gets really firm and shiny. Then, add the rest of the sugar, little by little keeping on mixing.

7/ Spread this meringue on a baking pan with the same dimension as the other one, spreading it smaller in order to let the meringue rise.

8/ Take out the chocolate cake when the crust is crackling, and let cool.
Put the oven at 150ºC and put the meringue for 1h. Let it cool inside the oven then.

9/ The last step is to put together everything. On the chocolate cake, spread the chestnut cream, and then, really, really carefully, put the meringue on the top.

Enjoy it with your family and friends!!!!

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Stephi said…
If you want something easier and quicker, just do the chocolate cake!!!! Lonely, it is also delicious!!!!

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