Galette des Rois

Epihany is another traditional celebration in Europe, that I love!!!! In France before and after the 6th of January, we have a special dessert: galette des rois. It seems that this one of the most ancient gastronomic tradition coming from the Roman times!

The King's pie is a puffy pastry pie stuffed with an almond cream. The French cuisine is always complicated if you follow the standard,... but I have my own idea, much easier and quicker!

This my own proposition:

For the puff pastry
- 120 gr. of wheat flour
- 120 gr. of butter
- 120 gr. of petit suisse (french small fresh yogurt; you can change it for ricotta)

The almond cream stuffing:
- 25 cl of milk or better almond/cashew milk
- 75 gr. of honey
- 2 yolks
- 1+1 egg
- 20 gr. + 6 gr.  of maizena (corn startch)
- 1 vanilla pod
- 55 gr. of almond butter
- 65 gr. of almond flour
- 1/2 tbsp. of rhum

1/ First prepare the puff pastry mixing all the ingredients together with the fingers. Make a ball, roll it in plastic film and let it 30 min in the fridge.

2/ In the meanwhile, prepare the stuffing which are 2 different creams mixed together at the end.

3/ First a pastry cream. 
Boil the milk with the vanilla. Take care to open the vanilla pod properly and make sure that the small black points get into the milk. When it's boiled, let infuse for 10 minutes. 

4/ At the same time, mix together the 75 gr. of honey with the yolks more 1 egg. Then add the 20 gr. of maizena and mix. 

5/ When the milk is ready, mix it with the honey and eggs mixture, stirring continuously and then put the cream back to a slow heat for 5 minutes while the cream will get its thick consistence.

Let it cool down for 30 minutes.

6/ Besides, prepare the almond mixture, mixing together the almond flour, the butter, and the rest of the maizena. Finally add the egg and the rhum.

Mix both creams then.

7/ Divide the pastry into 2 balls. Roll the first one, taking care to fold the pastry in several layer at least 6 times. By this way, you get the puffy pastry. Roll the pastry in a 20 cm diameter round and then add the stuffing. let at list 2 cm clean at the rind. Brush some water on this clean part.

8/ Roll the second ball and place it on the top of the first one and press with the fingers the rind where we put the water. by this technique, we stick both pastries together.

9/ On the top, we spread some yolk to give a golden color to the tart and  imagine a kind of draw made with a knife.

10/ Put it in a baking tray to the oven, first 10 minutes at 240ºC and then 25 minutes at 180ºC. The tart has to be golden everywhere.

You can enjoy it for the tea or as a dessert with a glass of cider or some Cerdon, a regional sparkling rosé wine, from Lyon region, quite sweet and really perfect for dessert!

If you are in a hurry, do not hesitate to buy an already made puff pastry, making sure it is butter made! The stuffing is my favorite because it has a intense flavor of almonds and a touch of rhum, and this smooth texture!!!!! yummy!

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