Home made black sausage.....

Yesterday I lived a big experience with my dad. My parents decided to buy half pig to do their own saucissons, patés, etc...
Yesterday, they slaughtered the pig, and we prepared with the butcher and friends the black sausage really called blood pudding, boudin in France or blutwurst in Germany!!!!

You can have it from all kind of meat, you find it everywhere in Europe and America, and it's a very traditionnal product!

In my family we does it ourselves as in former times, with pork blood mixed with spinach, onions, parsley, cream, eggs, rice, salt, pepper, and 4 spices. The quantities are secret, so I can tell it to you!
Once, we have the mixture ready we stuff it in casing and boiled for aprox. 30 minutes.

We had it for dinner, served with sauteed apples and smashed potatoes,.... yummy yummy!!!!


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