L'Escale des Saveurs

3 Rue Louis Vitet
69001 Lyon, France
Tel: 04 72 07 82 61
I’ve been last weekend at Lyon with my best friend, and we went to try a new restaurant we heard a lot about.
As you know I love new experiences and I was really excited even tough I did not have any idea where I were going!
In the Presqu’île, a small restaurant, with not so mucho light, 10 tables surrounded by shadow and slightly lighted. The atmosphere is really lounge and cosy!
The welcome is also warm and we get our booked table right away.
Between differents menus, we chose the travel around the world menu,… for 25 Euros.
First I had a foie gras sautéed, very nice, served originally with a fig mermelade and a sauce. The foie gras was topped with spicy cereals that were giving a crunchy hint to the foie! Lovelly, the risk is assumed and great!

Cedric had 3 crèmes brulées, risky and surprising! Taste, original service and fun!

For the main plate we had some stewed lamb with a marrocan inspiration and Cedric a Tournedos Rossini of duck,… We enjoyed it really!

The wine was a Château D’Estournel 2006, Bordeaux, very nice with the dinner!

I really appreciated the experience and would recommend you to try it!


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