In't Goede Uur

Restaurant In het goede uur
Korte Houtstraat 1
2011 ZN Haarlem
023 - 531 11 74

This week I hardly cooked,... some friends came from China to visit us and we went to have dinner to restaurants in Haarlem, a good opportunity for me to know new places!
On Tuesday, we started by this french cuisine, restaurant! In a very cosy old house, deocrated with darken woods, you can order a wide list of fondue!

Fondue is a traditionnal French dish we find in the eastern part of the country! Basically, there is 2 main kind of fondues: cheese or meat.
The cheese one, called fondue savoyarde, coming from the Savoy region. There is thousands of recipes and variations. I really love it and I brought up with the fondue as I lived next to Savoy.

We ordered 2 kinds of cheese fondue, and, I have to tell that we hardly could eat it,.... this restaurant had a good reputation, and the chef  I met in the past is really good,... but this time, I think he was not in the kitchen,... Our gorgonzola fondue was only tasting to alcohol,... so strongly that we were getting drunk with it. They put grappa, Italian grape alcohol, and it just spoiled the fondue,... I was so disappointed!!!!
I left the place with a bad taste and bad time eating,....
The worst is that I think that this restaurant deserve better comments, but till now, I did not experience it,....


Audrey Sykes said…
Bummer Stephanie! I've been there twice in the past year and was swept away each time. Try Cafe Bern in Amsterdam sometime, at Nieuwemarkt, they have a silmiar menu.

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