Haesje Claes

Spuistraat, 275
Tel: +31 20-6249998

Yesterday night, we booked a table at Haesje Claes, in the centre of Amsterdam. I did not really know where we were going, and I was a little bit nervous, because I usually had bad experience in the Netherlands,.... sorry, but it´s true!
My friends who joined us are living in Barcelona, he´s Dutch, she´s Spanish and have a lovely 2 years boy, Miguel! An explosive mix: blond with dark eyes!
My friends and us, love to eat good food and enjoy a good restaurant, and I had just book a table in an unknown place,...that´s why I was a little bit nervous!

The place was looking really busy when we arrived, people queueing for a table. We get into the restaurant first, and discover a really old fashioned and "gezellig" place, with wooden walls. A waiter took us in charge, and really friendly give us a table and bring menus in all the languages we were talking.
I really appreciate it. he was efficiente, smiling and friendly!

I was getting seduced! Nice place, nice service.... the food was the last incognito,... the specialties were Dutch, so, I was really expecting it.
When our friends arrived and we could seat down with Miguel, we ordered a couple of entries and then each of us a dish. I had a Duck confit with sauerkraut.
The first dishes were well presented, and nice. Service has been quick.
Then, I really enjoyed the duck,... delicious!
We said that we would come back in winter to have a stampot, that was also on the menu! So typical Dutch!

The wine list was well done, with reasonnable prices and standard quality from all over the world, and then, also very well known wineries with good wines! I liked it!

Very good experience, in the heart of Amsterdam, nice service, nice food and the final price, including dessert, beers and 1 bottle of wine: 35 Euros per person!


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