Spekstraat, 4
Phone: 023 5343841
Email: info@spectakel.nl

An exotic adventure for your palate? This is what this peculiar Spectakel propose you,... kanguro, antelope meats, fusion cuisine mixing asian and american tastes,...
It seems really tempting and attractive, and a group of friends wanted to try this exclusive restaurant for the diningcity week, when you get a 3 courses menu for 25 Euros!
We made a reservation and we all met at the restaurant on thursday night!

I was already a little bit doubtful about the teasing of exotic meat,... I already tried some in the past, and always was disappointed,... crocodile tastes as chicken, ostrich filet mignon, and kind of antelopes from South Africa.... at the end, do not think that these meats are so special or the taste so different than what you already know.

Anyway, I´m still new here, in Haarlem, and I was excited to try a new restaurant. The 7 other girls too!
The restaurant was full, and nice decorated even if we were seated on the roofed garden on garden chairs.
When finally all of us arrived,.... you know that girls sometimes are late,... so we were ready to order when the waitress announced us that as we did not book the table by internet, and did not specify on the phone, we cannot enjoy the 3 courses menu for 25 Euros!
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Actually, I stayed stunned, opened mouth looking despectively at the waitress explaining why we cannot enjoy the surprise dinner,....
How come, a restaurant participating to a special promotion campaign, can come and tell to 8 guests that you cannot enjoy the promotion. I just cannot understand how you can be so mean and so badly business oriented to do that.
If I would have been with less people, I would have gone right away.

As the good Dutch people do with the restaurant service generally, we just accepted the bad news and start to look at the menu,.... I was burning inside....
I decided to try the kanguro burger with purple potatoes and flat bread.... An absolute disaster, a scam! This was nothingelse than toasted tortilla, vitelotte variety potato and some kind of tomato sauce,....Do you know how much does it cost?????????????? 20 Euros!!!!!!!!!!

I was thinking in ordering a bottle of wine in order to swallow easily this terrible dinner, and when I start to check the card, I just got more depressed,.... Only new countries wines, no year, no estate,... no reliable information, but a price: 27,50 Euros the bottle!!!! Another scam,...

I will not even talk about the dessert,... sweety and sticky,... no surprise around, nothing to comment any more.
The only positive surprise had been the chinese dim sum, very tasty, but for that, I go to a real Chinese restaurant.

So really, if you think to go to have dinner there, think twice: high prices, bad customer service, nothing exotice in your plate,... if you want to enjoy something new, go somewherelse!


Thomas said…
Hi Steph, I think what you encountered is a quick learning exercise on how the rules are played. This is dinnerweek! And the rules are the socalled "voorwaarden", reserving by internet looks like rule number one. But anyway, check next time what the rules are if you want to participate. You should know by now that the dutch go by rules.
And I had complete different experience when I was at Specktakel, very good food, fish was fantastic. Last time was 2 years ago, so does not include changes that might have taken place there. I would still recommend it to a friend. Thomas
PS. I like your blog
Christian said…
I believe that kind of rule is just the result of unrespectful, unkind and above all psycho-rigid persons, and people tend more and more to consider as normal behavior in this country. You don't go to restaurant to follow rules, but to relax and enjoy. I'd rather spend an evening at home eating pizzas and drink wine with some friends. I also spent a very nice evening before in that restaurant and was about to invite two friends over there to let them discover it, but Steph experience made me change my mind because I don't want to face such bad surprises or lack of compassion with my guests. Also my experience was good but not so exceptional compared to a lot of places in France, Belgium or some very specific restaurant in Noord-Holland.

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