Cook the world with me! Cooking Workshops

September is the month of going back to school, start a new season full of energy and resolutions to face the coming cold times.
I will come back to Dutch classes y a couple of weeks,... I applied with a friend without thinking too much if I want to do it or not,.... and then, the letter from the school is here in front of me, with the schedule,....

It´s perhaps also a good opportunity for you to start a workshop and face your greatest fear, the pan and the whisk!!!!
Are you part of the ones, who loves eating good food and share it with your family and friends but is not able to stand more than 5 minutes in the kitchen without hives crisis????
Give you a chance to learn how to cook, delicious dishes from France or Italy, have fun and impress your people!

I will start to give cooking workshops at the Volks Universiteit in Haarlem since October. The objective of this workshop is first to have fun and enjoy cooking! By this way, I will show you some recipes, teach you techniques, tell you about the ingredients, and give you some secrets tips to always succeed in the kitchen! After 3h workshop, I promise you will feel comfortable to repeat the menu at your place and impress your family and friends!

I prepared 4 workshops with French Menus and other 3 of Italian Regional Cuisine!

The French cooking workshops includes the several menus:
- Grand Bistrot (4th Nov): Farmers´salad, Tournedos Rossini and Floating Island
- Special Fromage (5th Nov): Special cheese menu including grilled camembert salad, Comté rolls, Reblochon Samousas, Pear & Roquefort Gratin
- Provencal Menu (16th Nov): Ratatouille, Petits Farcis, Strawberry Charlotte
- Tradition Menu (20th Jan 2011): Mimosa eggs, Veal Blanquette, Chocolate Mousse

The Italian cooking workshops includes the several menus:
- Genova Menu (12th Oct): Ligurian Style Chicken, Polenta, Tiramisu (Dutch Version)
- Roma Menu (1st Dec): Insalate, Saltimbocca, Gnocchis
- Milano Menu (1st Feb 2011): Risotto all Milanese, Milanese Escalopine, Panna Cotta
You can register directly clicking on the menu you want to try. The workshops are 3h long and the team will enjoy the food after cooking.

I hope to see you in October at the VUH.

If you need more info, please do not hesitate to contact me here.

If the menus does not convince you, or you want to learn a special French, Italian, Spanish, Mexican dish, please contact me here and I will propose you a tailored made workshop! Gather some of your friends, and I will come to your place to teach you with you own ustensils!


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