Sumo Restaurant in Haarlem

Oude Groenmarkt, 14-16
2011 HL Haarlem
Phone: +31 (0)23 531 44 72

This is the new japanese restaurant in Haarlem, in a central location, a very nice atmosphere, and the concept "all you can eat",... I just fled away!
Really, I have to say that was my first reaction. The "all you can eat" concept usually does not match with quality and creativity!
I was mistaken in this particular case, I really appreciated that the company, invited us for lunch that past thursday!
The menu is 17,50 for lunch and 23,50 Euros for dinner. You have to fill up a smalll sheet with your order and just wait to be served!
The service is kind and efficient, something that I also appreciated as a picky French lady that is used to be quickly served and attended!!!!
We had fresh Miso soup, a lot of nigiris and makis, some sushis (salmon, tuna and smoked mackerel), a couple of cooked dishes, really nice too, like the teryiaky salmon, or the beef rolls asparagus.
It was a fresh, well made, and tasty! My favorite, was definetly the the smoked eel and smoked mackerel sushi I tried! Wonderful!
Of course, I will not compare it to a Japanese sushi restaurant in Tokyo, but for what I already tried in Haarlem and Amsterdam, this is more than decent! This is a great alternative! Affordable and tasty!

Try it!

An if you want to go further, I can teach you how to make your first nigiri or maki! Ask for more information at


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