Tuscany Style Chicken

Some of my friends, Eva and Thomas organized a wine tasting focused on Tuscany wines. It was exciting for me to discover new flavours and the Tuscany region always have been mysteriously charming to my ears,...
The guests always have to bring some food matches with the wines. I started to make some research, and I could have cooked thousands of delicious Tuscan recipes, but I finally decided to  create a special dish for the wine!

I remember that my tasting teacher was telling us that we should always create the menu based on the wines and try to match the wines with the menu,...The wine first will decide what to eat and not the contrary we always do!

For this special wine tasting, I prepared a special dish!

The ingredients for the Tuscany style chicken for 6 persons are:
- 400 gr. of chicken stripes
- 2 big red onions
- 1 garlic clove
- 3 red bell peppers
- Black olives
- Olive oil, salt, black pepper, thyme

1/ First chop the onions and bell peppers in stripes. 

2/ In a frying pan put 2 good table spoons of olive oil. Had the garlic clove peeled and only sliced in 2 pieces. Then add the onions and bell peppers. Let it for 5 minutes in order that it start to get color. 

3/ After 5 minutes, when the onions and peppers get smoother, add the chicken stripes, color it also stirring it in the pan. Add the thyme, salt and pepper and cover for 5 minutes.
 2 Minutes before the end add the black olives.

The best way to enjoy it, would be to serve it with a polenta and the Badiola wine from the Mazzei wine cellar. It is 70% Sangiovese only, that is why, it is not a Chianti, and 30% of Merlot. The result is a fresher and smoother wine than Chianti. 
The 2008 I tried was still young and fresh, with red fruits and spices notes. 
The Merlot was fitting very well with the bell peppers and the dish has a refined and delicate taste that matches with the wine.

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