Merry Christmas!

I hope that all of you is spending a wonderful Christmas time with family and friends!
For me this is a special time in the year where I can be with all my family and we can share.
Every year, it's also a special occasion for cooking and look for unique products and share it together!
This year, my mum proposed for the menu:

Homemade Foie Gras with toast of fired baked countryside style bread served with Champagne Cheurlin Dangin Cuvée Spéciale
Vol au vent of quenelles and Veal Sweetbread and morel mushrooms served with Sancerre La Bourgeoise 1998
Roasted turkey served with pan fried forgotten veggies and chestnuts served with a Chateauneuf-du-Pape 1998
French Cheeses
Bûches de Noël to choose between raspberry, marrons glaçé and chocolate or moka

What makes this menu really special for us is that all the products are chosen in the best places to find them. The chestnuts were picked up in the woods, the cheeses from Cuinet, the shop that serves Georges Blanc, the raspberies are from our garden, that were frozen in July this year, etc,... every dish has a story behind,... It´s not only a question of eating, it's abov all sharing and caring.

My mum makes her own goie gras since years, and this time she went to a special workshop in the La Marelle restaurant. My dad drives 20 km to go for the bread made from 2 farmers.
The vol au vent was a new creation this year, and I have to say that it was delicious! 2 green aspargus, a home made pufy patry, and a secret sauce,.... yummy!
The wine we chose to match with the dish, was really incredible! A 12 years old Sancerre La Bourgeoise, and you discover a world of complex flavours so delicates,... the best wine of the menu, definitely!

The turkey is a traditionnal dish for Christmas with  chestnuts. We usually buy it at a farm with the PDO Dinde de Bresse, a quality label that makes the difference!

My favourite part of the menu, are the desserts,... the bûche de Noël is also a traditionnal dessert, and in my family we pass the family recipe from mother to daughter. It´s not so easy to make, but you will never want an already made one after you try my mum's one!!!!
Moka, raspberries, marrons glaçés and chocolate,.... don't try to choose, just try all of them!

I wish to all of you a Merry Christmas, and tomorrow, let´s think about a detox recipe to compensate this incredible and delicious Christmas meal!


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