Pralines' cake

It seems that winter arrived with snow and freezing wind in Haarlem,... Mark, my boss also got sick this week. So, as I´m really nice, I also prepared him a special cake.
In this case, my main and remarkable ingredient is Praline Rose. It´s a traditional sweet from France. Almond coated with a pink sugar.

Here is the recipe:
- 4 eggs
- 100 grs of sugar
- 100 ml of liquid cream
- 150 grs of wheat flour
- 1 baking powder pack
- 1 drop of vanilla essence
- 125 grs of crushed Pralines rose

First whisk the eggs and sugar till the mixture turns whitey. Add the cream and the vanilla, and stir pproperly. Then, add the flour with the baking powder little by little, while you keep stirring and mixing all the time. Finally add the pralines to the mixture. Spread it in a rectangle baking powder and put at 200ÂșC during 30 minutes.

For the service, I coated the cake with some chocolate and decorate some of more praline on the top. The chocolate coat is made with 100 grs of dark chocolate and 25 grs of butter. You have to melt really slowly the chocolate and add the butter when it´s hardly melted and stir cautiously.


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