Strogonoff,... kind of,...

I bought the other some pork loin. I love to stew it, and I did not have any idea of how to do that,...  But it seems that every body enjoyed at home and the office,... so I let you know to a kind of Strogonoff,.. with pork loin!
Ingredients for 4 persons:
- 2 onions
- 2 garlic cloves
- 20 grs of mushrooms
- 400 grs of pork loin
- olive oil,... always,...
- salt, pepper, laurel, thyme
- 2 spoons of white wine
- paprika
- 2 tbs. of cream

In a deep fried pan, I put together the thinly sliced onions and garlic with the olive oil. After 5 minutes at medium heat, add the mushrooms properly cleaned and cut in 4. Add thyme and Laurel, cover and let it cook.

Passed 15 minutes, add the pork loin cut in medallion and make each piece get gold everywhere. When the meat is getting a good color, we add 2 spoons of white wine and let the alcohol evaporated. Passed this time, I add salt and pepper and some paprika. Then add a glass of water and cover. Reduce the heat and let it for 30 more minutes. Keep an eye on it to not let it burnt and add some water if needed.
At the last moment, add the cream, and some more paprika, taste, and adjust with salt and pepper. Stir and stop the heat. Cover. It´s ready! Enjoy it with some fresh pasta,... yummy!


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