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Metro: Concha Espina

A new proposal if you want to try pinchos in Madrid!

Juan Pablo, one of my very good friends brought me to this new place during my Madrid´s holidays.
Besides that the space is really friendly, modern and easy, the chef Carlos Moreno surprised me! A real enjoyment for the palate!
I could not try all the pinchos on the menu, but everyone I tried was like a new discovering. My top 3, and it was difficult to rank them, I can tell you, was the huevos rotos, the carpaccio de presa ibérica, and the bocadillo de calamares!
Huevos Rotos: presented in a cocktail glass, this modern version of this traditional tapa, was absolutely delicious, crispy chorizo, espuma of potatoes and fried egg,… the texture, taste and mix was really great!

The carpaccio de presa ibérica: was made from the wonderful and scarce Iberico meat, really popular in Spain now, in fresh. The thin slices of manchego cheese and a light mustard dressing put together was amazing!

The bocadillo de calamares: is a typical sandwich in Madrid. The traditional version is a third baguette and fried calamares,… I know what you think! Actually, I can see your face! Strange for a sandwich!!!!
Nevertheless, the Carlos option is totally different and first, you will be surprised to find yourself in front of a small totally black bun bread! The calamares are not fried but gently sautéed with garlic and herbs. Delicious!

We had much more pinchos, all really interesting and nice! You can also try some winner recipes of pinchos, from different restaurant in Spain. A good opportunity to try awarded recipes from everywhere, while you stay in Madrid!

The price is correct, each pincho is around 3 Euros, and the portions are nice, so, you can have a decent meal for 9 Euros. Wines selection is also really interesting…. I definitely recommend you pass by and try it with friends or family. They also have a menu for lunch!

But do you know what is a pincho (or pintxo)? Check this other post from my blog explaining a little bit more about the Spanish gastronomy: what is tapas?


uliseos said…

well, reading the comment, I can easily forgive you for not going again with me to this amazing place! but only for this time.
It´s just monday and we miss you! as usual :P

It was a real, typical pleasure, staying close to you and all of your family here,

See you soon,
love U
Diego said…
Hey Steph, many thanks for your comments. We really appreciate your post, and we hope you can come over soon to visit us again. There are still many pinchos to be tasted!!!

Un beso

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