Blackberries amandine pie

A friend at asked me how he can use the blackberries in his garden? End of August is the season when blackberries are big, juicy and sweet, can do a lot of things: jam, creams, tarts crumbles, etc...
 I started to think of what kind of tart would suit with the blackberries, and then suddenly my mouth started watering while I imagine an amandine pie with blackberries,....

It took some days to find experiment the recipe, but here is my blackberries contribution for this year!

For 6 persons, you may need:
- 1 short crust dough
- 300 gr. of blackberries
- 200 gr. of almond flour
- 4 eggs
- 200 gr. of sugar
- 200 gr. of butter
- vanilla essence
Blackberries Amandine Pie by Appetit Voyage
Blackberries harvest
Turn on the oven and put it on 200ºC. In a pie tin, we spread a thin crust. Pinch it with a fork. 

We wash the blackberries and let them dry on kitchen paper. then we put them in a bowl with 2 tbsp. of sugar, and let it for 10 minutes outside.

In bowl, gather the sugar and the melted butter, mix well. Add the eggs and whisk. Finally, we put the almond flour and the vanilla essence. We mix everything together.

Spread the mixture on the crust. Top it with the blackberries that you will gently spread all over.

Put it in the oven 20 minutes at 170ºC.

Take it off when it is golden, let it cool. Serve with some custard or vanilla ice,.... and enjoy!!!!!

Amandine is the French name of an almond cream made with sugar, eggs and almond flour,... The sweet and plain taste of the almond cream will balance the juicy acid of the fruit....


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