How to prepare a delicious dessert in 20 minutes: Stephi's Baked Apples

Do you know how to prepare a tasty dessert in 20 minutes?

Some days ago, my friends asked me to publish the recipe of a red fruit sauce I did in 5 minutes for a dinner together. It was something easy and quick. I did not have time to think about it or cook for hours, but still I wanted to treat them with a nice dessert.

Would you like some more tips to prepare a quick and yummy dessert?

If you have a sweet tooth like me, I am sure you would love this one!
But the best thing about the my Baked Apples is that it also a very healthy dessert!
My mom was used to cook it when I was young, and my grand mom's too, but her recipe was quite more generous!

I will give you several versions of the baked apple. When I prepare it for an everyday meal, I usually keep it simple, but you can customize it as you like! Try, choose which is your favorite recipe, and share with us!

1. How to prepare the basic Stephi's Baked Apples recipe?

You only need apples!... and an oven!

Choose some sweet apples. Avoid the Granny Smith, too acid in my opinion. The best apples to cook are the Golden Delicious, Gala, Pink Lady, Fuji. These are also quite common varieties you can find. Of course, this is not a final list, but a suggestion. At home, I always have apples and I buy different types. I just grab the ones I have at that moment! As each apple variety is different, your dessert will be different each time!

Wash properly the apples with water. Usually, all apples are treated with some kind of preservative to make them last longer. So it is important, either to choose organic apples, or wash them carefully.

In a baking pan, place as many apples as guests. Sometimes, I also prepare a large tray of apple for the whole week. 
My basic recipe does not include anything else. 

Put it in the oven for 20 min at 180ÂșC. Let it cool and eat cold or with still warm. 
Serve it like this, or whit  some whipped cream, ice cream and biscuits. You can perhaps serve the apples with some different sauces like the red fruit one or a chocolate sauce!

2.The rich recipe to impress your guests
If you are cooking for some guests, you would like to have something a little bit more sophisticated. 
For that, you need apples, butter and sugar. You can add some cinnamon or vanilla if you like it.

When you wash the apples, do not dry them but let them wet. In a small plate put a couple of tbs. of sugar and roll the apples in it. If you try to spread some sugar on a dry apple, what will happen is that the sugar will fall down and be concentrated on the top,... with this trick, you will have sugar all around. 

Add the flavor your like on top, and a hazelnut size scoop of butter on the top.
Place the baking tray in the oven as in the previous recipe. The sugar with the apple juice will turn into caramel,...De-li-cious!

Serve the apples as in the basic recipe!

3. The Stephi's family recipe
You know, you do not become a food and wine specialist because of your studies or work,... I become a food and wine lover because I am greedy. And for my defense, I have to say that it is a family inheritance!
So let´s share with you, my mom's and grand mom's recipe for the big occasions! 

Once, you washed the apples, you also take out the center making a kind of well in the middle. Do not carve till the bottom and make sure you have a kind of small recipient in the middle of the apple. Stuff this well with cream and sugar and  spread on top some more sugar. Cook in the oven for 20 minutes. Apples with cream,.... this is amazing,...

You can imagine to stuff the middle with other things as well as candies like toffees, or raisins, or almond powder, that you have the basic recipe, it is up to you to create your own favorite Baked Apples recipe! Don´t forget to share your ideas and experience with us!

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