Express Choco-cake without oven!

Let's follow up the series of express desserts!

It seems that the red fruit sauce and the baked apples were quite popular, as I noticed much more traffic on these recipes!

This is another one! This week, I am quite in a hurry because I am moving and the house is full of boxes and cases,...
I also try to use all the ingredients left in the cupboards to not have to move them!
I think that my colleagues are going to be happy because, I found some chocolate and biscuits!
This is an old recipe that I have been doing since I am a kid. Actually, this is a very good one to start to cook with your kids! It is easy, quick and entertaining!
It is also quite handy as you did not need an oven!

Ingredients for 6 persons:
- 200 grs of dark chocolate
- 25 grs. of butter
- 200 grs. of liquid cream
- 250 grs. of biscuits
- 1 cup of espresso coffee
- some flavor if you have: brandy, vanilla, etc...

I chose some coconut biscuits, but you can use any kind you fancy.

1. In a sauce pan, you put the cream and boil it. When it is boiling, I stop the heat and add the chocolate broken in squares. I stir with a spoon in order that the chocolate melt with the cream. It will take 5 minutes approximately, in order to get a very nice and smooth chocolate cream. Add the butter and mix it also as it melts.
Then let it cool. If you are like me (impatient! or in a hurry), you can change the chocolate cream to another bowl, and put the bowl in cold water. Never put the warm cream directly in your fridge, if you want to keep your fridge working well for some more years!

2. In the meanwhile, we prepare a cup of strong coffee and we pour it in a large bowl. 
Choose a tray to build up your cake. A plastic one for example that goes to the fridge. Spread a little bit of butter in the inside.
Then, take you biscuits and one by one, pour them quickly in the coffee. Don´t let them too much just a dive. Place the biscuit in the bottom of the tray and cover the whole bottom with it.

3. When you chocolate cream is cool, pour a thin layer of on top of the biscuits. Repeat the same operation again with the biscuits and follow adding layers of coffee biscuits and chocolate cream till you finish.

4. Place the tray in the fridge for the night or at least 4 hours.

That´s it! Your express choco-cake is ready! You can serve it with some whipped cream, and decorate it with some cocoa powder.

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