How to make Gambas al ajillo

 This is a typical tapa in Spain, and it is so easy to make, that I wanted to share the recipe with you!

- 250 grs of prawns
- 3 garlic cloves
- a large handful of parsley
- 6 tbs. of olive oil
- salt and pepper

You can choose fresh prawns, frozen or cooked and fresh. You need to have them peeled. Place them on kitchen paper that will drain the water off, while you prepare the rest. Peel and chopped roughly the garlic and the parsley.

In a fried pan, put the olive oil and the garlic. Start to cook at medium heat, and wait a couple of minutes to add the prawns in order the oil is really hot. 
Put carefully the prawns in the oil. If the prawns have to much water, the oil will spit and it is not really nice. Add half of the parsley, salt and pepper and let the prawns fry for 10 minutes.
After this time, stop the heat, and add the rest of the parsley.

Serve right away. People eat this dish as a tapa, so presented in a central plate or bowl where every guest will pick up the prawns directly. Do not forget to put some fresh bread that will help you to not spread the sauce everywhere!

If you want a more spicy version, you can add some sliced chili in the oil when you start to warm it.

Enjoy your Spanish tapas!

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