2011 wrap up and Appetit Voyage's gift: get now your FREE e-book!

An another year is ending and while I am organizing my New Year's Eve with my closest friends, I start to remember what happened this year make some balance of 2011.
It was a very tough year for me. One of the toughest year since a long time! Although I do not regret anything that happened, my heart is today fuller than ever.

I would like to thank you for this year! I would like to share it with you because all of you showed me interest in my blog, enjoyed my posts and shared it with your friends. This one is to thank you for your support during this year of 2011 that was so important to me!

From light to dark, and dark to light this is the path I followed this year. I found the strength to raise again. Months that I spend surrounded by great friends that supports me, that listened to me and helped me!

Everyday is a challenge, everyday is hard because I try to beyond my limits and keep on growing! This is a fight for my dreams, this is a fight for my passion. Everyone has it! Don't let it go! Don't let anybody tell you what you have to do or not! Be yourself, be unique, go for your dreams! Be the protagonist of your life!

Here comes my gift!!!!

2 years ago, I decided to write a recipe book. I've been encouraged and helped by writers. Writing is a daily task, that requires a lot of energy and honesty. I am still writing this book today, as it is one of many projects 

I started. I really love this project, and I love to write. I am so excited and so happy with what is already ready, I would like to share it with you! This is my gift for this end of the year. 

This is the first chapter of a bigger project, but I would really like to share it with you, your friends and family:

I am very interested in having your feedback and comment about it! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it writing it. 
This is FREE so, feel free to share it with your friends and all the food lovers you have around!
a ppetit voyage is much more than reviews and recipes!

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Thanks Nathalie for sharing your passion with us.
I wish you all the best in your many project in 2012!
See you back soon.
Warm hugs!
Patricia Moerland

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