Almond and Chocolate cake

Did you like the chocolate cake from my last party? Would you like to impress your guests during Christmas with a chocolate cake?

This chocolate cake has some almond that makes it richer and a very light mixture that turns it into a fluffy and
Ad everybody is asking for it, read carefully the recipe!

For 8 persons, you need:
200 grs. of dark chocolate
4 eggs
150 grs of sugar
100 grs of butter
100 grs of almond powder
75 grs of wheat flour
1 baking powder pack

1/ First, turn on the oven at 180ÂșC.

2/ In a small pan put the chocolate in pieces with the butter and warm it up really slowly. Keep an eye on it and stir the mix cautiously. When the chocolate is hardly melted, stop the heat and keep on stirring till the whole mixture gets melted and mixed.
3/ Add the yolks of the eggs and the sugar to the chocolate-butter mixture. Mix properly.

4/ Add the almond, flour and baking powder and mix.

5/ Whisk the white of the eggs till they are stiff. The secret is to have the eggs at room temperature and add a pinch of salt. The whites are ready when you are able to turn upside down your bowl and the eggs keep sticked to it!

6/ With a wooden spoon, add a little bit of the whites to the chocolate preparation and with a light elliptical movement, start slowly to mix the whites. This is the most delicate part, as if you mix everything to strongly, your will totally break the white mousse. Repeat the operation till all the whites are incorporated.

7/ Put some butter and flour inside a baking pan. Pour the mixture and put in the oven for 40 minutes. You can check if the cake is ready putting a knife in the middle of the cake. If the blade comes out clean, it is ready. If it comes with some chocolate mixture, it needs some more time.

8/ I recommend you to eat the cake the day after. The overnight will let the chocolate to melt well and the flavors to spread.

This recipe comes from the Trish Desseine book My Cuisine, even if, as usual, changed a little bit the ingredients.

I let you try the recipe, and please let me know how it went leaving a comment below!

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