La Forca restaurant in Haarlem

Frankestraat 17-19
2011HT Haarlem
tel. +31(0)23 5322500

Finally! finally I tried this well known Italian restaurant in Haarlem, told to be one of the best in the city!
I went there with 2 of my gourmet friends and have a very nice evening!

The place is really warm and nice. The decoration is a little bit old fashion for me, but as you feel at home as soon as you get in, you do not bother so much! There was even fire  in the fireplace! Really loved it!

The waiters were really nice and friendly.

We had a Vino Nobile de Montepulciano (Pietra Daivolo) 2007, powerful, fruity, but also some balsamic hints. well balanced and smooth afterwards.

The waiter (Italian maybe) came with the menu and explained us very well all the dishes, in English, but also with a lot of gesture and details about each dish! I really loved the show!
That's why I suspect him to be Italian! The details of the menu were really visuals and it was fun!

We shared some vegetarian antipasti: a zucchini alla parmiggiana and a lentil salad with burrata and fresh tomato. Beautiful! The creamy cheese was melting in your mouth with the tomato, basil and lentils,... wow!

Then I decided to choose the amazing look like entrecote with parmiggiano cheese and fresh sliced truffles! The waiter just get to my heart when he said that it was a marbled meat with a lot of fat infiltration topped with parmiggiano and truffles (my other weakness!).

The meat was absolutely great! One of the best I ever had in this country! Tender, perfectly cooked, tasty.... yummy! I did not appreciate that much the truffles,...I was a little bit disappointed,...

This was a great experience. A little bit pricey also, but, I can tell that the quality of the ingredients was top!

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