Celery and Pumpkin Soup

A delicate and comfort soup for a cozy evening at home!

Tonight I need a warm and kind soup,... something easy and cozy! For this, I choose my best winter vegetables, some spices and in 30 min it is ready!
Ingredients for 4 persons:

1 celery root (500 grs)
1 pumpkin (1 kgs)
1/2 tablet of vegetables broth
1 Laurel leave
1 heavy cream tbs.
salt and pepper

Peel and cut in small pieces the celery root and pumpkin. Put it in a pan and add 1 liter of water and 1/2 tablet broth. Cook covered at medium heat during 20 minutes. Half way, add the nutmeg and laurel. When the vegetables are tender, it is ready. Mix it in the blender with 1 tbs. of cream. Salt and pepper.

For the service, spread a little bit of walnut oil, a handful of grilled pumpkin seeds, and prepare a  nice toast; On a slice of brown bread, spread a a little bit of Dijon's mustard, put some slices of cumin Gouda on top and put it on the grill for 5 minutes.

Enjoy! The delicate tastes of the pumpkin and the celery, the discreet spices, the creamy texture and the crunchy seeds are just a perfect match for a nice evening next to the fireplace with a good movie!

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