De Moeders in Amsterdam


Rozengracht 251
1016 SX Amsterdam
I would like to share with you my last restaurant experience in Amsterdam, because it was really cosy and food was really nice.

If you have the opportunity, goes to De Moeders, which means in Dutch ¨The Mothers¨. This small restaurant located on the corner of Rozengracht with Marnixstraat, is quite busy with tables everywhere. 

The old fashion style is not the first thing you notice, even if the decoration is really nice, but the hundreds of Mum's pictures hanging in every piece of the wall! 

Every table has a different plates and cutlery and glasses brought by the first guests that came to the opening of the restaurant. This heterogeneous mixture of types gives a special atmosphere to the place! 

I went there a Thursday evening and we arrived quite late for the Dutch standards (9:00 pm), but the smart and young waiter received us with a smile and asked us to wait 15 minutes to get a table!
The service was nice  and efficient during the whole evening and really appreciated!

The restaurant propose homemade food with family recipes including some very Dutch dishes! I decided to try one of the specialty: the hachée, which is a beef stew served with boiled potatoes, red cabbage.
The food was really homemade, warm and tasty! I really enjoyed and really had the feeling to be in a Dutch home.
My friends and I shared a dessert, a chocolate trilogy that was nice as well.

The final bill reasonable and I found myself quite happy leaving this warm small restaurant, ready to stand the cold winter!

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