Mont-Blanc Trifle

Ingredients for 4 persons:
- 15 fingers ladies biscuits
- 500 grs of chestnut cream
- 1 apple
- 1 tbs. of caramel
- 4 tbs of rum + 2 tbs of Licor 43
- 250 grs. of mascarpone
- 3 tbs. of ice sugar
- 2 spoons of whipped cream
- 8 walnuts

1/ In a translucent bowl, crush the cookies with your fingers, roughly. Spread the rum and licor 43 on it and let it for a while.

2/ Peel the apple and slice really thinly, put it in a pan with 1 table spoon of caramel and let it cook at medium heat, stirring constantly during 5 minutes.
Take it off the stove and reserve.

3/ On top of the cookies, spread the chestnut cream and sprinkle the apples on top.

4/ Whisk energetically the mascarpone with the sugar and the whipped cream in order to make the cheese creamy and airy. Add the mascarpone cream on top of the chestnuts.

5/ Decorate with some nuts that will also give a crunchy bit to the dessert. Keep it in the fridge till you eat. You can easily prepare it in advance or the day before.

There is a great balance of tastes en textures. The chestnut cream is really sweet and heavy, but the cookies and alcohol will balance it greatly, and the mascarpone will also soften the taste of the chestnut! This is a really complex dessert taste wise with all the different layers. Really special and perfect for wintertime!

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Anonymous said…
Great dessert!
I tuned it up as per what i got in the fridge, so white cheese 0% instead of mascarpone, and maple syrup instead of caramel (living in Canada now!!)
Decorated with some grated bitter chocolate and smal almond bits.
I always find extremely difficult to spread the chesnut cream as it comes out from the tin, so i usually add a bit if hot water (two tablespoons?) and whip it energically before spreading. this makes the chesnut paste easier to manage.

No need to say that the dessert was the leading role in the dinner. everybody got crazy about it!!!

thanks, Steph!

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