Sea bass tartar with litchis

I would like to share a very nice and exotic recipe I tried sometime ago,... a sea bass tartar with litchis!

Ingredients for 6 pax:
- 200 grs of fresh sea bass fillet
- small piece of fresh ginger
- 1 lime
- 1 handful of fresh coriander
- black pepper
- 18 litchis

1/ Cut the sea bass in very thin pieces. Grate 2 teaspoon of ginger, grate the lime and peel and press the juice.

2/ Gather these ingredients, add a spoon of fresh sliced coriander and 1/2 of black pepper. Put everything to marinate in a bowl for 20 minutes in the fridge.

3/ In the meanwhile, take the litchis and cut a small hat from the part where the stem was. With a sharp small knife, make circle around to take off this small hat. The fruit should be easy to remove from its shell.
Keep the shell and hats as we will use them for the service.
We will use half of the litchis flesh also cut in small pieces added to the marinated sea bass.

4/ Put the tartar in the litchi shell and top it with a peel of lime and the hat. A good tip to have the litchis standing properly, put a little bit of salt in the plate, and it will keep the litchis steady!

This is a very nice starter,... fresh and exotic! I really love the mix of the litchi, with this delicate and intense flavor with the refined sea bass taste. The asian style marinade was also great and I would use the mix of ginger/lime/coriander in more than a fish recipe!


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