Parck Restaurant in Haarlem

Frederikspark, 2
2012 DA Haarlem
Tel: 023 5420911
A new proposal in Haarlem that you should try! I went the Meetup Group Dining Out in Haarlem yesterday to try this new place, totally renovated, located next to Houteplein.

The modern, practical and cosy decoration was the first thing I noticed when I get in. I felt at home! The warm wooden floor, and the light was really welcoming. Waiters are quick and efficient, and still nice! 
We were a big table of 12 people, and even if we waited a little bit to be served, we could see that the open kitchen in front of us was in the coup de feu time!
Another detail that we all appreciated is that the Parck offers a 24,5 Euros 3-courses menu. Besides the attractive price, it is not so common to find menus.

I chose as starter some goat cheese with pistachios and artichokes. Then, I went for a carpaccio,... it was huge, and really rich! On top of the thinly sliced meat, there was capers, parmiggiano, pine nuts, pesto, truffles mayonnaise, mixed salad, foie gras,... 
As dessert, I went for the cheese platter, when most of the guests were seduced by the Dame Blanche!
Food was fresh, good, nice! I really enjoyed it! The portions were perfect as well. Most of us were really happy with the dinner.
We had some young Languedoc wine, a 2010 Merlot, that was instead, really not good. I am quite surprise that you still can find so bad quality wines nowadays....this was the only shadow,...

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