How to make chocolate shortbread

I tried a new recipe of sablés (shortbread) with chocolate, and it turned into be a total relaxation experience that I am sure you will love it and would like to try!

The last few days I was looking for a new recipes for cookies,... I have friends coming for tea this afternoon, a tea tasting and they will also have a look at my new showroom with clothes, jewels paintings,... I came across this recipe through another blogger, Umami in Madrid that I follow because I like the Asian componentS of it and the way he is writing about his food experience!

So, I received in my email this recipe, also inspired from the great French Patissier, Pierre Hermé: chocolate sablés.

I adapted the recipe for normal people as I am, and I want to share it with you! What I did not expect, is that in the process, I would just wash up my stress physically and mentally. It will probably soundS strange to hear that cooking is a relaxation exercise, but it is really what I felt preparing the cookies!... the orgasmic part come when you eat them, of course!

Ingredients for 40 cookies:
- 200 grs of 70% dark chocolate
-270 grs. of Wheat flour
- 50 grs of cocoa powder
- 1,5 tbs. of Bicarbonate of Soda
- 230 grs of butter
- 200 grs of raw sugar
- 50 grs of white sugar
- 5 grs of Fleur de sel
- 2 drops of vanilla extract

Preheat the oven at 170ºC. Let the butter out of the fridge.

The recipe is quite easy! First, let's  release the negative energy! Take the chocolate, place it in a plastic bag, and with a hammer, break the chocolate in small pieces. You will see how it is good to just hit something and break it! It really released my stress!

Then, place in a bowl all the powders: flour, cocoa, bicarbonate, sugars, and salt. Mix them together. Add the sliced butter and the vanilla. With your fingers, just start to press the butter with powders and slowly try to mix it together. The feeling of the ingredients in your fingers is just really relaxing and make me feel good, connected to the earth.
Add the chocolate chips after 10 minutes, and keep on mixing till the dough gets together.
Roll a cylinder of dough of 4 cm of diameter and place it in a plastic foil. Keep it in the fridge 1h or 15 min in the freezer.

After this time, you can slice 1 cm thick slices from the cylinder and put it 15 min in the oven. Do not over cook it and be very careful. Let the cookies cool down and handle them cautiously when warm, because they are still really fragile.

Enjoy the salty chocolate cookies with a Chinese Pu er tea! The crunchy of the salt and sugar balance the fat and the cocoa and chocolate chip are just a double pleasure for my senses! I love that the chocolate taste is strong and powerful and not sweet at all! A real discovery for me!

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