The Jopen Kerk Restaurant in Haarlem

Vestestraat, 1
Tel. (+31) 23-5334114

At that point, I think I need to take some more time to talk about the restaurant you can find on the first floor at the Jopen Kerk in Haarlem.
This beer temple has already been cited several times in this blog, from a general introduction to the a post about the my best terraces in Haarlem or their beer tasting with chocolate they organize.

First, I need to update you about the restaurant. They changed the chef and the menu, I went and tried it again, and it drastically improved! So please, give it a try (don't forget to book a table in advance)!
I went there with my parents and we tried some of their week stew and other season dishes, all of them perfectly interpreted, tasty and refined. I was really happy to be seated there and feel the philosophy of the Jopen in my plate.

Yesterday night I was having a beer at the Jopen Kerk with friends speaking (loudly) in Spanish, the Managing director came to us and started to talk with us and tell us more of what you have behind this bar.

Jopen is the only brewery still working in Haarlem and creating handcrafted beers with love and passion. For this, you don't need to have it told, you just need to read the  board or ask a waiter, and you quickly understand that the Jopen Kerk is not a normal bar with pils beers!
Each beer brewed here in the big copper and stainless steel tanks standing protected by a glass or behind the bar, is unique and special.

Actually, you can't find it anywhere else, and you need to pay attention when a new beer is released because it is usually an exclusive and limited edition.

Besides this cared production, the vision of this couple driven by the dream is to educate people about high quality and tasty beer. Their passion, that you feel in their voice in their eyes while you ask about their business, you can feel it everywhere in the Jopen Kerk! They transmitt it, like a contagion to all the staff who is working their and who turns this church like a real temple of handcrafted beer!

Do not miss an occasion to stop by at the Jopen to experience the real Dutch beer, and enjoy in a ¨gezellig¨atmosphere, one of their gem!

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