Saigon Restaurant in Amsterdam

Leidsestraat 95 – 1st floor 
1017 NZ Amsterdam

Since I traveled to Vietnam, 5 years ago, and learned to cook Vietnamese cuisine, I did not go to any Vietnamese restaurant,... till this weekend! My good friend Veronica brought me to this big restaurant, located in Leidsestraat, in the centre of Amsterdam.
I was a little bit doubtful about the quality of the cuisine as, the location made me think it would be more a tourists restaurant. But I had a great experience and I want to share it with you!

The restaurant is situated on the 1st floor, and has this alreayd typical to me, modern and dark decoration,... Very nice, but nothing special. The service was kind and efficient.

As starter, we shared some spring rolls and imperial rolls. The first ones are the raw and fresh version, when the second ones are fried.
The spring rolls need to be done straight before service, otherwise the rice sheet gets too melty. We chose some prawns and pork filling besides some raw carrots, noodles, lettuce and fresh mint leaves. Served and eaten with a nuoc nam sauce with garlic, it was delicious! freshly made, rich and really similar to the ones I had in Vietnam. After the first bite, I was traveling back to my memories and great time I spent there!

The Imperial rolls, fried and filled with pork were also delicious. I love the way you eat it because you place the roll in a lettuce leave and eat it.... the mix is just great! And the flavor as Vietnam!

As main, I chose some caramel lamb rack and Veronica had some rice noodles with prawns. Both were really nice and delicious! Veronica even said that the noodles were addictive!

The prices are really correct, so, there is not excuse to not try it!

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