Fabulous Exotic Chocolate tart

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Fabulous Exotic Choco tart
I am very excited to share this recipe with you, because I have it in my mind for perhaps 15 years,... it is an old recipe I did once 15 years ago. It was so delicious, the flavours so complex and fabulous, that I spent 15 years reminding it and finally this weekend I baked it!

It is sooooooooo fabulous!
It is a perfect tart for a special occasion as Christmas, or just for a gastronomic diner where you want to impress your friends or your in-laws. It will have a huge success at girls' diner as well!

Ingredients for 6 persons:

For the dough:
- 250 grs of wheat flour
- 100 grs of sugar
- 150 grs of butter
- 2 yolks (yellow part of the egg)
- 1 pinch of baking powder

For the filling:
Appetit Voyage
Caramelized Bananas
- 3 small ripe bananas
- 3 tbs. of raw sugar
- black pepper
- 50 grs of butter
- 400 grs of liquid cream
- 400 grs. dark chocolate (minimum 60% cocoa)

Turn on the oven at 180ÂșC.

1/ First prepare the dough. Put together in a bowl the sugar, flour and baking powder. Add the butter in pieces and with the fingers mix the butter. It will be a little bit difficult at the beginning to get the ingredients together, but eventually, it will  mix well. Add the 2 yolks and mix till you get the dough nicely mixed. Put in the fridge 10 min before to cook it.

Appetit Voyage
Bananas Tart waiting for the choc
2/ Slice the bananas in thick slices. In a pan, put 50 grs. of butter, let it melt at medium heat, and put the bananas. After 5 minutes, sprinkle with black pepper and the raw sugar and increase the heat. Let it caramelized 3 more minutes and take it off the heat. Reserve.

3/ In a 22 cm diameter tart mold, lean the dough and cover with a kitchen paper and weights (I usually use dry beans), and put the tart in the oven for 20 minutes approximately, till the dough gets golden.

4/ In the meanwhile, prepare the chocolate cream. In a pan, boil the cream and then add the chocolates squares. Stop the heat and let the chocolate melt and mix it together well. Let it cool down.

5/ When the dough is ready, take it off from the oven, and let it cool. Then add the slices of bananas. When you chocolate cream is lukewarm, stir it well and the pour it on top of the bananas. Let the cream slowly get firm, and then put it in the fridge.

A ppetit Voyage
Service with an apricot compote
It is better to do the recipe in advance and let the chocolate cream and  the bananas melt their flavours. You can even do it the day before, and keep it in the fridge till 30 minutes before service.

You can serve the tart with a rhum-raisin ice cream, or vanilla ice cream or a mango compote. For my dinner I serve it with a compote of apricots,.... delicious.

To pair with this delicious dessert, I choose a Banyuls or a Tawny Port.

I would love to know what you think about the recipe and tell me if you liked it! For me it is just amazing how the flavours of the chocolate, the bananas, the pepper and the caramel goes together,... then the crusty texture of the dough and the smooth texture of the chocolate is just amazing,... What do you think? 

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