Chic Appetizers for the greeting season!

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Stephi's Verrine
December is a busy month! It is time to meet friends, family and colleagues and share some nice moments and some good food and wines! For sure, you will have guests!

I collected some of my quick and easy recipes of appetizers to turn your aperitif and dinner as an unique moment for your guests and a relax time for you!

First of all, you can prepare some spicy nuts and pigs in a blanket (sausage pastries), grilled bacon with plums or pesto palmeras to start.

Did you think about creating a small verrine? It is trendy, easy and quick to prepare. You will find some ideas and inspiration in my post How to make a trendy French appetizer!
Appetit Voyage
Pumpkin Soup
For example, you can prepare a verrine with your favourite soup recipe, served in small glasses and nicely decorated; it will be a hit! My favourite recipe for the season is a pumpkin soup you can find in my post Celery and Pumpkin Soup.

If you have time, you can prepare a gravlax salmon (count 48h in advance to get it ready) and a chicken liver mousse presented on buffet with bread or crackers where guests can just help themselves!

If you like fish, you can propose some sea bass tartare with litchis, fresh and delicious, a scallops carpaccio or caramelized spicy prawns! Another of my last discovery is prawns with a rhubarb compote! Absolutely delicious and surprising! You can find the recipe here!

Appetit Voyage
A large cheese platter is also a nice way to propose delicious food and great choice to your guests. Place different kinds cheese: a blue cheese, a goat cheese, some comté and a camembert, and every cheese you like! Put some nuts, almonds, grape or raisin or some apple syrup, jams and propose different kind of breads.

Extra tip!
To finish on sweet tooth, get prepared some chocolates, cakes and treats. You can find my Christmas top 10 selection just released: 10 Christmas Treats and cookies or this delicious quick and easy recipe of Chocolate Mousse Millefeuille!

Appetit Voyage
Stephi's Chocolate Millefeuille
Chocolate Mousse Millefeuille
I tried for the first time for New Year's Eve last year.
First, prepare a nice chocolate mousse
Then, make a puffy pastry and slice small rectangles of dough. 
Spread some sugar on top of the rectangle and put it 5 to 10 minutes in the oven at 200ºC. 
You will get a puffy high rectangle, you will slice in the middle and stuff with the chocolate mousse. 

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Appetit Voyage season greetings 2014
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