Trattoria Maccheroni in Liège

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Trattoria Maccheroni
95  Féronstrée, 4000 Liege, Belgium 
Phone: 04 223 63 00

A weekend in Liege is always really exciting for me! I get together with my friends and we share some great moments, good food and good wines. 

After an amazing diner at Marinela and Giaccomo place where we tasted some North Italian cuisine, we went for another Italian restaurant: Trattoria Maccheroni!
This restaurant opened 1 year ago proposed a typical Italian menu.
This means big portions antipasti, primi and secondi, before the dolci! This is the usual service in a Italian restaurant. You start with some appetizers (antipasti) that could be from cold meats to marinated vegetables, cheese, salads, etc... Then the starter (primo) is usually pasta. Then comes the main dish (secondo) where you will choose between meat or fish. Finally, you close with the dessert (dolci).

The place is quite impressive, large with high ceilings. From a monumental stairs you come to the first floor where stand 3 tables in front of the open kitchen! The setup is really nice, and I was excited to be seated in front of the chef working.
The service was quite nice and efficient, even if they do not understand anything about the Italian cuisine and cannot make the difference between the antipasti and the primi.
I started with two antipasti, una burrata y melanzane alla siciliana. Amazing taste! The burrata is premium quality fresh cheese made from mozzarella, filled up with cream... it is just absolutely delicious!
The melanzane all Siciliana are marinated eggplants(/aubergine) served with some fresh ricotta, olive oil and marinated bell peppers.

Then I tried the paccheri all'amatriciana, a large and short canneloni with tomato compote with onions, parsley and bacon. The pasta was perfect and the sauce fresh and delicious.
For the main dish, I wanted to try the tagliata, a beef steak served with rucola and parmiggiano. I was quite disappointed with the meat. Too dry, roughly cut and then difficult to slice and eat. I hardly tried it.

 We finished with some homemade desserts, dolci; I had semifreddo de mandorle, an almond parfait perfectly done and tasty!

I really loved the place, and our special spot in front of the chef. It is always fascinating to see the ballet of the chefs playing their music in live! The price are reasonnable as well and I really had the feeling to taste a small part of Italy.

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