Le Morgon, Bouchon in Lyon

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Le Morgon
2 Rue Baraban  
69006 Lyon
Phone: 04 78 24 06 23

Do you know what is Morgon? This is the denomination of one of the wine from Beaujolais! And Beaujolais wines, Morgon, Juliénas, Saint Amour, Chiroubles and Moulin à Vent are all the denominations of Beaujolais wines. Not the Beaujolais nouveau, but normally made wines, that you should also discover in Lyon! 

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Another amazing Bouchon in Lyon! This one is not located in Presqu'île the touristic centre, but near Part-Dieu railway station, which is still in the centre!

When you enter the restaurant, you have the feeling to go back in time up to the sixties. On your left, you find a old fashioned bar like a stage dominating the room full of small tables.

The service was kind, very dynamic and efficient. This family run restaurant makes you feel comfortable and the owner is coming to make sure everything is fine. This amazing young lady, will surprise you with her straight and funny conversation staying always welcoming and kind at the same time. I really loved it!

We started with a typical aperitive: Kir and chicken liver mousse with toast! Delicious!

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Lentils salad
The food was really typical from the Lyon's cuisine. First we had lentils salad that was perfectly prepared and seasoned and served with cervelas.

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Tablier de Sapeur
Then, I went straight to the main goal of my visit there: Tablier de Sapeur! A breaded fried cow's stomach, absolutely divine! I know that for most people, tripes are something disgusting,... though, if you want to try it once in your life, I would recommend you to do it in Lyon! This is the highest expression of tripes! Besides the fact that Lyon's cuisine includes a lot of dishes with tripes, which means that the tradition and experience of chefs master the cooking, the way it is prepared in Lyon is totally unique! You will not find dishes with sauce which add to the disgusting texture. No! Here in Lyon, tripes are usually pan fried, and seasoned with onion, garlic and bread. So you will always have a crunchy texture, much better welcome and that will make it easier to try!

I do not know if I convince you, but I hope you can try it once in your life!

The tablier de Sapeur was served with cardoon gratin,... a very regional vegetable absolutely delicious!

After this delight, we could not resist to the homemade desserts: chocolate fondant, lemon pie and iced nougat,... all of them absolutely amazing!
Appetit Voyage

If you want to experiment the true cuisine and atmosphere of Bouchon, go to Le Morgon! Book your table in advance to be sure to have your place!
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