Mysterious Fennel Soup

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Appetit Voyage's Sicilian Tribute
Let me share with you some sunshine soup! Yep, it is freezing cold, snowing, so let´s cook something that will remind us summer!

This soup is a tribute to Sicilian flavours: fennel, pistachio and flowers and will bring some sunshine into your bowl!

Ingredients for 4 persons:
- 2 middles sized potatoes
- 2 carrots
- 2 fennels
- some drops of pistachio oil
- flowers salt
- pepper

Clean the vegetables and slice them in dices.
In a pan put together the diced vegetables with 1,5 L of water during 2o minutes.
When the vegetables are cooked and smooth, blend it till you get a smooth texture.
Add some flower salt, pepper and some drop of pistachio oil and serve!

This soup is fresh thanks to the fennel and light, but the pistacchio oil and flower salt gives turns it into a luxurious and complex taste! You will discover soup!

You will find pistachio oil in delicatessen shops,... I bought mine directly in Bronte, the world capital of pistachio.

The flowers salt is a mix of dried flowers and sea salt. The flowers are rose, acania, calendula,... I bought it in Ibiza.

Appetit Voyage
Fall Version
Of course, as it is not the kind of ingredients you easily find in your cupboards, you can slightly change the recipe and add at the service some fired mushrooms with bacon and origan. The strong taste of the bacon will enhance the taste of the mushrooms and will give a earthy twist to the soup!
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