4 original recipes to change how you eat rhubarb

4 original recipes to change how you eat rhubarb by Appetit Voyage
Rhubarb ready for discovery
What to do with rhubarb? How to cook it? I had to investigate some new recipes to renew the traditional English crumble with strawberries,...

Rhubarb is a quite unknown and un-liked veggie because of it bitterness. You cannot even find this plant in the South of Europe.
England, Norway and Sweden are the countries where I found the most amazing recipes for it.

The past weeks, I had the chance to receive several times the long pink sticks, and I started to experiment with it in order to find new combinations and flavors. This post is about what I found. And it was really important to share it with you because, the more I cook rhubarb, the more I like it!

1/ Lentils and rhubarb curry
A delicious recipe quite surprising but absolutely a winner! The lentils and curry balance perfectly the rhubarb! I am very happy of this new discovery!

Ingredients for 4 persons:

400 gr. Of lentils
300 gr. rhubarb
2 garlic clove
1 tbsp. of Curry powder
1 small piece of ginger
1 red bell pepper
Salt and pepper

Peel and slice the rhubarb, garlic and ginger in small pieces. Slice the bell pepper as well. In a large pan get together all the ingredients, cover with water, add the curry and some salt and cook for 20 minutes. When lentils are cooked and soft, check the seasoning and serve with some rice.

4 original recipes to change how you eat rhubarb by Appetit Voyage
Rhubarb Soup
2/ Roasted rhubarb chunks with spareribs

This is a very simple compote of rhubarb I did placing some peel and large chunks of rhubarb in a oven tray. a drizzle of olive oil and 20 minutes in the oven. It is just amazingly nice and the olive oil really turns the rhubarb in a nice taste that will go perfectly with meat or chicken!

This is a beautiful mix of flavors. I totally love the mix of ginger and rhubarb with the slight sweet strawberries hint and the Asian taste of the Thai basil. I served an almond nougatine next to it to had a crunchy side.

4 original recipes to change how you eat rhubarb by Appetit Voyage
Spicy prawns with rhubarb
4/ Spicy prawns and rhubarb appetizer
This is my favorite recipe! A perfect bite, full of intense flavors! Really original and delicious! So check the recipe clicking on the link and start to discover the true taste of rhubarb!

I hope these new recipes will help to discover this strange plant and make you love it as much as I do! Enjoy the summer!

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