Stephi's arroz al horno: or how to create a delicious dish in the oven in 30 minutes!

How to create a delicious dish in the oven in 30 minutes by Appetit Voyage
Spanish rice in the oven
What is better and easier than a paella? Arroz al horno! It is a typical dish from Valencia, Spain; as the paella. I got the recipe from an old colleague, fifteen years ago, after she cooked a beautiful dish for me. Besides the fact that it was absolutely delicious, it was quite easier to prepare than a paella, as you do not need a special pan for it and goes directly to the oven!

After all this time, I wanted to cook it again and never had the chance, till a couple of weeks ago when I took of my pantry all my treasures from Spain and created my own version that I really need to share with you. I hope you will try it because it is really yummy and will be perfect for a family lunch or dinner!

Arroz al horno by Appetit Voyage
Spanish round rice
Ingredients for 4 persons:

- 200 gr. of bacon
- 200 gr. of beef sausages
- 300 gr. Asturian chorizos (smoked and for cooking)
- 1 red bell pepper
- 1 courgette
- 1 tomato
- 500 gr of rice
- 1.1 kg or stock
- salt and pepper
- 1tsp. of turmeric
- 4 saffron pistils

Arroz al horno by Appetit Voyage
Arroz al horno
Turn the oven on 180 degrees C.

1/ Clean and slice the courgette and bell pepper roughly. Cut the bacon in pieces. Cut the different sausages in 3cm thick slices.

2/ Prepare a little more than 1 liter of a warm vegetables stock. Add salt, pepper, saffron and turmeric, mix.

Arroz al horno by Appetit Voyage
Chorizo, sausages and bacon
3/ Fry for a couple of minutes the bacon dices in a pan at medium heat and when they start to get golden, and then fry the sausages for 5 minutes. Take it off the heat and reserve.

4/ In a large oven tray,  spread evenly the different ingredients: bacon, sausages, vegetables, the dry rice and in the middle the whole garlic bulb.

5/ Add slowly the warm stock in order to cover all the ingredients. Place in the oven for 25 minutes to 30 minutes. After
Arroz al horno by Appetit Voyage
Spanish rice ready for the oven
this time, the rice will have soaked the whole stock and your dish is ready!

6/ Take it out of the oven, cover with a cotton clothes for 5 minutes before serving. The chorizo and sausages gave all its flavor to the rice and veggies and the garlic will slightly and subtly perfumed the whole dish and if you want a stronger taste, you can just dig into the bulb for the confited garlic puree! The turmeric and saffron will give its final touch for a refined rice dish! It is just a perfect dish for a long table of
friends or family!
Arroz al horno by Appetit Voyage

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