Chestnut flour brownies

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Chestnut Brownies
We are officially in the fall season since we changed hours last weekend, and the days are shorter. Even if we still have sunny days, leaves are all red and yellow turning the whole landscape into a romantic scenery. You don't feel to go out that much, and you are looking for comfy and chocolate,...

How about creating and cooking a healthy, tasty and comfy brownies instead of running to sugar? This happy brownies recipe will make you feel good in your body and mind!

I chose chestnut flour for its nutty taste and so warm feeling during the cold season and it is mixed with easy and delicious ingredients to make it unforgettable! Prepare a large tray this weekend, slice in square and keep it in the freezer for any time you want a quick snack! It will unfreeze quickly or a short stay in the oven will make it even more yummy!
60 gr. of chestnut flour
10 gr. of corn starch flour
1 baking powder package
40 gr. of cocoa powder
3 eggs
95 gr. of hazelnut butter (could also be almond or peanut butter)
90 gr. of maple syrup
50 gr. of walnuts and or mix of nuts (here I pick pistachio and almonds)
20 gr. of cocoa nibs

Turn on the oven at 180 C.

1/ Mix together the butter, eggs and syrup till smooth. I directly blend it to get the perfect texture.

2/ Add the chestnut flour, corn flour, baking powder and cocoa powder. Mix well.

3/ Add the roughly crushed walnuts and the cocoa nibs. Mix.

4/ Pour on the baking tray with oven paper. Bake for 10 minutes.

5/ Slice in squares, let it cool down and even better if you eat the next day. You will really have the hazelnut taste and chocolate like Nutella, but in much healthier.... the crunch of the walnuts and nibs add a great touch to the fluffy brownie texture.

Fall leaves by Appetit Voyage
Fall in Lyon, my garden
Enjoy and share with your family and friends!!!! It is the perfect snack for a cozy afternoon!

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