French Style Dinner for Thanksgiving

I am already preparing my Thanksgiving dinner, and it will be a mix of American and French style dinner!

I already booked a turkey in advance, because it is quite a challenge to find a good one in France, just 1 month before Christmas. 
My French friends did not know at all about this American celebration, and asked my why I was celebrating a day I culturally do not relate on?

The answer is really simple: because there is no better excuse for a getting together dinner with great friends! It is all about good food, good company and sharing love! So, wherever it comes from, it is welcome in my home.

I was really looking for new recipes ideas to surprise my guests as I did last time. And I realize that a lot of them were French recipes I really like to propose for Christmas. So, this year I would like to propose to all American friends and followers, I know you are a lot, a French style Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate this beautiful day with a different touch and keeping the Thanksgiving tradition alive!

Let's start with a cocktail and some verrines, trendy French appetizers!

Go for the Paul Bocuse pumpkin cheese fondue and impress your family!
The recipe is already published on the blog! Enjoy you it as cheese fondue, where everyone can dive its fork into the pumpkin pot with some roasted veggies (last time I roasted carrots and potatoes) or bread! It is a wonderful and delicious starter, it is impressive and soooo thanksgiving!!!!

Bresse salad style with a Thanksgiving tweak!
Bresse is the region where I come from, in between Lyon and Geneva in Switzerland. Bresse is world famous for its high quality chickens. So the salad includes of course some!
  • Curly endive salad
  • Sauteed chicken livers, gizzards or if you do not feel like it, just a chicken breast! (1 portion for 4 persons)
  • Hard boiled eggs (1/2 per person)
  • Crispy bacon chunks (1handful for 4 persons)
  • Croutons (1 handful per 4 persons)
  • French vinaigrette: 1 tbsp of Dijon Mustard, 1 tbsp of red wine vinegar, 3 tbsp. of sunflower oil, salt and pepper
This is how my grand mother was used to prepare it for us. It is a really traditional recipe, and I only give approximate measures because you need to try and taste and enrich it as you like!
For a Thanksgiving tweak, I would add some dried cranberries!

When it comes to the turkey, gravy and cranberry sauce, you cannot really change the recipes, because tradition is the best! Keep it simple!

For the side dishes, collect a wide range of different veggies, thinking of dishes you can cook in advance easily!
French would serve:

Chestnuts with cream
Braised endives
Celery puree    

If you really want to be French, you can propose a cheese platter afterwards, with some salad. This is the way we eat cheese in France. After the main dish, and before the dessert!

Pumpkin cheese cake,... so American but so original! I did one for Halloween that can totally fit for Thanksgiving as well! Or Pecan brownies with a cranberry sauce! And do not forget my gluten free pecan pie! Always a success!

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