Sweet Life at Revsunds Prästgård - Winter Edition

Revsunds in winter

Yoga and Healthy Lifestyle week in Sweden

16 -22 March 2017

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Would you like to keep living a sweet life in the absence of all things deemed as “unhealthy”  - but you don’t even know where to start? 

Living room and fireplace
Revsunds Prästgård B&B -  together with certified nutritionist, yoga teacher and Health Coach Cecilia Götherström and food blogger & connoisseur Stephanie Mazier - has put together a full week´s unique course right in the middle of the breath taking Swedish nature. A full week where you will receive all the tools for a healthy lifestyle plus learn how to meet every day stresses & challenges while staying strong and glowing from the inside out. Including daily yoga and meditation sessions.

You lodge at the previous priests quarters built in 1906 in the Swedish county of Jämtland. The turn of the century manor at the shore of Lake Revsund breathes a serene atmosphere. Outside the world is tucked in under a soft, thick blanket of snow. Indoors the logs are crackling in the fireplace. There are no distractions. Only nature to inspire you, the silence to provide you with the perfect space to listen to what your own body needs and is telling you.

Every day we spend time in nature, we practice yoga & meditation and we cook together according to the theme of the day (see details in the program below).

Cecilia Gotherstrom
Nutritionist Cecilia Götherström and food connoisseur Stephanie Mazier explain the background of the recipes based on the most recent scientific and published research. We go through all meals and occasions possible – from breakfast to fingerfoods and all in between. By the end of the week you will have gathered loads of practical experience and all the recipes to take home with you.

Enjoy a week full of peace and quiet and good food. We promise you lots of inspiration for a balanced lifestyle easy to maintain once you're back in your busy life at home.

Ice Skating in Revsunds
Day program
In addition to the activities below, you sure will have some quiet time for yourself to, for instance, read a book by the fireplace, go hiking on snowshoes, go ice skating or just hang with the alpacas.

Day 1
Travel day, transfer from trainstation Bräcke/Airport Åre-Östersund to Revsund.

Day 2
Day two in Revsund you will get to know some of the local food artisans personally. We will also focus on yummy and healthy ‘fika’ (Swedish for coffee or tea with a yummy nibble on the side – usually sweet ;-) ) and snacks. How to combine socializing, snacking and health?

Dogsled experience
Day 3
During day three we make a trip through the snow by dogsled. It’s an unforgettable experience; working together with the enthusiastic Siberian huskies, gliding through the scenery, getting away from civilization. Afterwards we will for sure have enough energy to dive in to all sorts of yummy healthy dinners and getting our hands dirty in the kitchen.

Brunch ideas
Day 4
The fourth day we get out of bed on time to prepare a complete wellness brunch for ourselves. Which we will enjoy in the most relaxed “Sunday Brunch manner” as we are listening to a lecture on “Holistic Health” held by Cecilia. In the afternoon we take a walk with the alpaca’s living at Revsunds Prästgård.  Dealing with these special animals introduces a very special feeling of calmness. After the walk the only thing left on the schedule for today is to prepare a “glögg “(Swedish glühwein) for the next day. 

Swedish Campfire coffee
 Day 5
We start day five with yoga and breakfast before we prepare our lunch together.  On the theme of lunch we go through all sorts of questions like; What do you bring to the office? What can you give your kids to bring to school?
When the Swedish winter allows us to, we bring our lunch outdoors where we enjoy it together with our glögg around the campfire plus we attend a workshop of Ice Fishing.
Today we also have the possibility for those who wish to book a massage session in the afternoon.

Day 6
Today we go “freestyle”.
We head to the supermarket and challenge you to find surprising and guilt free ingredients for fingerfoods and snacks. In the evening we have a Swedish movie night scheduled. We prepare our movie snacks and finger foods together as Cecilia is giving a lecture on the latest nutritional trends, how to interpret both current and future trends, cooking creatively with what you find in your fridge.  And how does alcohol fit in to a healthy lifestyle?
We also go over celebration and remembrance – all festivities from birth till funeral, catering to all needs.

Day 7
Travel day, transfer from Revsund to train station Bräcke / Airport Åre/Östersund

€ 1199 per person in a private room
€ 1125 per person in a shared double room
€ 1049 per person in a shared room with 3 or 4 persons

ice fishing in Revsunds
All meals, from dinner day 1 till breakfast day 7
All cooking classes, lectures, Q&A´s
Culinary tour, husky tour, alpaca walk, ice fishing, Swedish movie night
Daily yoga and meditation sessions
Recipe book
All drinks (excl. alcoholic beverages)
All mentioned transfers

Not included:
Travel to and from Sweden.
We are happy to assist you in planning and booking your trip. There are different options possible by airplane (Åre-Östersund) and train (Bräcke). The costs for your travel to and from Sweden will be somewhere between €250 and €400. The earlier you book, the better the price.
Massage sessions, which can be booked for Day 5
Cancellation insurance

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Cecilia Götherström (Sweden, The Netherlands, www.studiostark.net) is a certified nutritionist, yoga teacher, personal trainer as well as a passionate writer and blogger for among others the E-zine  www.consuming-passions.com. Stephanie Mazier (France, The Netherlands) is a food connoisseur, food blogger and founder of Appetit Voyage.  Since 5 years they are giving workshops, courses and lectures all over Europe under the name of Yummy, Fun and Healthy Living.

Hilde and Ruben
Revsunds Prästgård is founded by Hilde Talstra and Ruben Heijloo. In 2011 they moved from the city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands to the Swedish countryside in search of a life closer to nature.

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