How to pair red wines with food: new wine tasting in Haarlem

When: 03/01/17
What time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Where: Vijfhoek, Haarlem
What: 4 wines + 4 dishes

How to pair red wines with food?

Welcome to a new wine tasting in Haarlem the next Saturday 1st of April at 7:00 pm. This is the first wine tasting out of a series of 3 I will give during this year in Haarlem.
When it comes to wines, it is always nice to have some food to go with it. Though we usually feel a little bit lost in front of the wine shelf in the shop or supermarket when you need to decide what wine will fit with the dinner and your guests taste! Complicated?
How to pair wines with food? Does fish only go well with white wine and meat with red wine?
What goes along well and what are the mistakes to avoid?

And how to surprise your friends and family next time with original ideas?

I will answer each of these questions, and turn you into an expert in wine and food pairing!

Of course, we will get into the tasting technique like every single tasting.
We will exercise our senses and memory with fun games.
And then, through 4 wines, I will make you travel and eat 4 amazing homemade and healthy dishes.

I will take time to explain how food and wine pair, how to figure out your own wine pairings, and lot of tricks to become an expert into matching food and wine!
I want to keep it secret and surprise you but I can already tell you that with red wines we will experiment chicken, fish and even chocolate!!!!
You will leave with a comprehensive booklet gathering all the information about the wines, wineries, tasting techniques and even the recipes!

Recipes are all approved by Cecilia Gotherstrom, nutritionist who will also explain us how wine can fit in a healthy diet!

So, be prepared for an unique evening, lots of laugh, great insights and delicious moments!

Investment: 45 Euros incl. tasting techniques + fun quizz +nutrition advice + 4 wines + 4 dishes + booklet

You cannot join this time although really like the idea? 
Why don't you contact me and we try to organize a private wine tasting for you and your friends (min. 6 persons)? 
Feel free to write me at

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