Stephi's Teryiaki Salmon: quick and easy recipe

Stephi's Teryiaki Salmon: quick and easy recipe
Stephi's Teriyaki Salmon

Teryiaki salmon is one of my signature dish.  It is a traditional Japanese recipe, I turned into a quick and easy one, I often cook for me and my boyfriend.

I wanted to make the tasting for a long time and even if it was challenging to pair rosé wines and Asian food, to attract people in Madrid, at the end of August to attend a wine tasting about rosé, is even more crazy! It was a total success and I really feel blessed and happy to cook so delicious food for the group!

It came paired with Miraval rosé from Provence, and it was a very nice match!

Stephi's Teryiaki Salmon: quick and easy recipe
Fresh Salmon
Ingredients for 4 persons:

- 4 x 100 gr. of Fresh and thick salmon fillet
- 2 garlic cloves
- 2 spring onions
-1 tbsp. of maple syrup or honey
- 1 lime juice
- 2cm fresh ginger thumb
- 8 tbsp. of soy sauce or tamari sauce if Celiac
- Black pepper
- chili flakes (optional)
- sesame seeds
- 2 tbsp. of olive oil or sesame oil

1/ First, prepare a marinade in a bowl. Crush the garlic and ginger. Add the maple syrup. 1 tbsp of oil, lime and soy/tamari sauce. Season with the pepper and chili flakes. Stir to mix well.

2/ Pour the marinade in a tray with the salmon fillets. I usually choose a air-tight box for the marinade, it is easier to handle in the fridge. You can leave it at least 30 minutes in the fridge and up to 4h. Make sure you turn the fillets upside down a couple of time. As I am quite straight forward, I just shake the air-tight box every time I think about it. It is a bit more violent, but absolutely efficient!

3/ You can cook the Teryiaki Salmon 2 ways, I choose either one depending on how I can get organized.

First option: in the oven at 180 Celsius Degrees for 20 minutes. In baking tray, you spread the leftover oil in the bottom. Slice the white part of the spring onion and add. Place the salmon fillets and pour the marinade on top. Sprinkle the sesame seeds and bake for 20 minutes, till the marinade became a thick sauce.
Serve with rice or a green veggies wok with the green part of the spring onions.

Stephi's Teryiaki Salmon: quick and easy recipe
idea of service
Second option: in the frying-pan for 15 minutes at medium heat. First, stir-fry in the pan the white part of the spring onion sliced and 1 tbsp. of oil till they get soft and translucent. Add the salmon fillet and the marinade sauce on top and let sear for 10 minutes, turning the salmon when the sauce start to thicken. Make sure the sauce cover well the fillet. Add the sesame seeds and let them get golden. Serve the same way as earlier with the greens of the spring onions.

I even make it straight away, without the marinade rest when I am in a hurry. My boyfriend really loves the caramelized sauce and the balance flavors. If you skip the marinade, it only takes you 20 minutes to get your meal ready!

Stephi's Teryiaki Salmon: quick and easy recipe
Choose your ingredients!
The secret of this recipe is the balance of soy sauce - honey - lime - chili. Feel free to change and replace them by anything you like better as long as you have the salty - sweet - sour - spicy combination!

Perhaps, you will experiment a new combination that you really like. Would you be so kind and share it with us? I am always stunned and delighted when people get their hands in the kitchen and experiment!

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