Flavored salt for spicy cooking: 5 ideas to pimp your dishes

Flavored Salts Presents

I got a very nice present for my birthday this year that really inspired me: flavored sea salts!

I already have different types of salts at home, but this new one is just delicious with some saffron taste!

I wanted to test and try new tastes and play with all my spices. I also find it a another great way to make a very personalized gift. So if you lack ideas for your Christmas gifts, why don't you give it a try?

I created 5 flavored salts to pimp your dishes, but there is an infinity of possibilities, so feel free to try and combine new tastes. I tried to mix also dried flowers with herbs and spices. Read the recipes below, and find your own inspiration.
For all the recipes, I chose a French coarse sea salt from Britain. The flavors is strong and the grey-ish color is beautiful to me. You can find nowadays amazing salts from all over the world, with amazing colors, so pick your favorite.

Golden Saffron salt by Appetit Voyage
1/ Golden Saffron sea salt
I did not measure any of the recipes but did them the same way. I chose some nice empty jars I had. Got them cleaned and dry. 
I filled up them with a French Britain coarse sea salt up to 3/4. Then, I made a mix of spices for the extra 1/4 left. Close the jar and shake it till the spices mix with the salt.
The Golden Saffron mix is based on: saffron, turmeric powder and orange peel. I used 1 tbsp. of dried orange peel I crushed in a blender, then 1 tsp. of turmeric powder and 4 saffrons pistils I lightly warmed up to let the flavors opened. I crushed the saffron with the turmeric and add all the spices to the sea salt. 

Gomasio salt by Appetit Voyage
2/ Gomasio
This is a very well known mix in the Japanese cooking, you can easily buy in groceries shops.
I used 1/2 of black sesame seeds and 1/2 of roasted sesame seeds. The black sesame has a stronger and different taste, as well as it gives more color to the mix.
I did not make any measure, but choose a nice jar and fill it up with a Britain coarse sea salt up to 3/4 of the jar. Then, I roasted in a frying pan with no added fat, 2 tbsp. of golden sesame seeds for 5 minutes at medium heat, till they started to pop in the pan. I added the black ones, stir 1 more minute and let it cool down. If you like more sesame, add more, if you prefer it lighter, you add less. It is totally up to you.
I pour the seeds in the jar once cooled down, close the jar and shake it till the ingredients mixed properly.

Swedish flavored salt by Appetit Voyage
3/ Swedish flavored salt
This is a quite wild inspiration and one of my favorite mix with the Golden Saffron's one.
I blend together 1 tbsp. of dried orange peel, 2 anise star till the anise got quite powdery. I added then 2 tbsp. of dried elderflower 1 tbsp of dry ginger powder and another one of cardamon powder. I mixed it and added it to coarse sea salt. 

The measure is still the same: 3/4 of salt for 1/4 of spices mix approx.

Red Spicy salt by Appetit Voyage
4/ Red spicy salt
This mix is for the wildest of us, the ones who love spicy and flavors, and like to try new combinations!
From the coarse sea salt base, I added 1 tsp. of Spanish smoked Pimenton. Then in a blender, I crushed 1 tbsp. of dried hibiscus flowers, 1 tbsp. of Sichuan pepper, 1 tbsp. of pink pepper and 1 tbsp. of Madagascar pepper. Mix well together and see how the salt becomes beautifully red-ish. Adjust spiciness adding more Sichuan if you like it very spicy or adding more Madagascar pepper if you like it more flavorful.

Provence salt by Appetit Voyage
5/ Provence salt
This one is super easy but still quite unique as I flavored the coarse sea salt with dry lavender flowers and dry rosemary. The mix of flavors and the fragrant smell of lavender is absolutely amazing with some fish or roasted potatoes for example!
I did add more rosemary than lavender (3/1 ratio), as the lavender smell is really strong.
As in the former mix, I put 3/4 of coarse sea salt in a jar, and the rest with the herbs and flowers mix. Shake it and enjoy it!

Feel free to share with your friends and comment with your own ideas!

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